2019 Reorganization Meeting

Please join us for our Reorganization meeting – date and time to be announced


If you are an elected PCO, we encourage you to attend our County reorganization meeting to cast your vote! If you are not an elected PCO, we’d love for you to come out and run for a position or get to know your new board!

A note about reorganization:

The Bylaws of the Washington State Democratic Party require all County and Legislative District Parties to reorganize in the December or January following an even-year general election. At a Reorganization Meeting, Precinct Committee Officers elected during the most recent primary elect a new Chair, new Vice Chairs, and new State Committee members for the organization. Other officers may be elected and additional party business may be conducted. Newly elected State Committee Members will meet in the last weekend of January to reorganize the State Party.

For more information on reorganizations, click here.