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Chelan County 2020 Final Results Dashboard

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Chelan County 2016/2020 Comparison Dashboard

Click here to see the performance comparison between the 2016 election and the 2020 election by city.

Chelan County 2020 Election Charts

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2020 Primary Results Report

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PCO's and Neighborhood Teams

In anticipation of an extended social distancing timeframe due to COVID-19, NCW Democrats are currently transitioning to a more virtual environment - where technology (emails, phone, Facebook, social media, virtual meetings, etc) will be used to communicate and connect one another until we are able to meet together again. Much work is ahead - leading up to the Democratic National Convention in August; the August Primary Election and November General Election. PCO's and Neighborhood Teams (consisting of individuals willing to assist a PCO) will be key to our success in 2020 elections - up and down ballot.

Click here for short description "What is a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO)?

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2020 Democratic National Convention

The week of August 17 the Democratic Presidential Candidate will be formally nominated at the National Convention - probably via a virtual Convention. Washington State's Democratic Convention was held June 13 virtually with lots of participation, dynamic speakers and the adoption of a progressive platform. Click here for a YouTube of WA Dems State Convention 2020

PCO and Neighborhood Team Activities

Building relationships and having conversations with neighbors in your precinct will be key to Democratic success in 2020 - whether it's helping to gather correct voter contact information, registering new voters, or actively canvassing during elections - August Primary and November General. Each precinct is different and PCO/teams can plan activities accordingly. Everything has value. Here are a few choices of activities:

  • Register New Voters. WA State has some digital tools available for registering voters found on the WA Secretary of State Elections Site. Click here to register voters via the VoteWA portal. Click here for poster for registering voters via QA Code . If interested in understanding voter registration rules, Click here for a Guide To Registering New Voters

  • Participate in the WA State's Democratic Coordinated Campaign's Digital Organizing Program which was created in response to the need for social distancing due to COVID-19. This includes training sessions in virtual phone banking tools used by all Democratic candidates and organizations as well as opportunities to actually participate from the comfort of your home in phone banking - currently set up by Legislative District to discover the likely party of voters where we currently have "no data". The scripts and targeted voters will change throughout the primary and general election cycles. To learn more, Click here for the WA Democratic Digital Organizing Program

  • Support Democratic Candidates up and down the ballot - by contributing, educating others about them, displaying yard signs, Etc. The NCW Democrats office, 768 S. Mission in Wenatchee, will have a supply of many of the Democratic candidates signs. To arrange for signs, email NCWDems@gmail.com.