Women+s March Wenatchee

Date: Saturday, January 1911:00am – 2:00pm

Place: Memorial Park

We are back for our annual march. Details to follow.

Peaceful Protest Guidelines:

• Please do not bring signs on sticks. We are asking participants to please hold their signs or use empty paper towel or wrapping paper rolls. Sticks can become weapons.

• Please make this a peaceful and family friendly event. If we have counter protesters to deal with, we ask that you not engage in a debate or argument with them. Remain peaceful and strong and walk proudly by them.

• Please do not return the assaults (verbal or physical) of counter protesters. Find a police officer to help defuse the situation.

• Please refrain from insults and swearing. This is a family friendly event. Do not use violence (verbal or physical) toward any person.

• Please do not carry anything that could be construed as a weapon. (sticks, bats, bricks, rocks, etc.)

• Please do not damage any property.

• Please do not bring any alcohol or drugs to the event.

• Please do not bring weapons of any kind to the event. Whether you have a permit or not. No firearms, knives, explosives, etc. The police will be asked to remove persons carrying weapons from the event.

• Remember 911. All emergency services know about our event and are prepared if their services are required.

• Please enjoy this peaceful protest. Raise your voice against injustice, not against people.

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